nanoSIM / microSIM / standard SIM  Convertors for iPhone 5 [3 adaptors set] - Turn your iPhone 5 nano SIM card with this adapters set into micro SIM size to use it in your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 3G, iPad 2 3G, New iPad 4G or Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. Also are included 2 extra adaptors to convert your nano SIM or micro SIM cards into standard SIM size and use them in all mobile cell phones, tablets and USB modems that are using the classic SIM form factor.
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Content of the products included in this item

1 x nano SIM to micro SIM cards adapter.
1 x nano SIM to SIM standard cards adapter.
1 x micro SIM to SIM standarad cards adapter.

Additional product information

· These adapters are made with highest quality and precision.
· You can reuse them from one format to another as many times as needed.
· Presented in blister package with hook holder ideal for shopping exhibitors, service centers, call centers, ...

Example of the SIM cards adapters / converters to other formats

If you only need the micro SIM to standard SIM adaptor, please do click here on this link.

Image and schema of the adaptors of nanoSIM card to microSIM, nanoSIM to standard SIM y convertor of microSIM to SIM standard cards.

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