DAGi Stylus P401 Exclusive for iPhone 4 [Black & Aluminum] - The DAGi Stylus is a precesion optical pen with transparent head designed specifically for the iPhone 4. It is extremely lightweight and operates without batteries. It fits perfectly to the right side and the upper right corner of your iPhone 4 and is remains fully integrated just in seconds!
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Brand DAGi Corporation Ltd. Taiwan title=
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Serves for
· Apple iPad WiFi
· Apple iPad WiFi + 3G
· Apple iPhone 4
· Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
Product Features

Control your iPhone 4 without using your finger. The Stylus has a sensitive transparent head which allows you to see exactly what you're pressing to avoid opening the wrong application or typing the wrong key.

The DAGi Stylus is ideal for people who want to improve their speed and accuracy when using the iPhone 4. It's also perfect if you have chubby fingers or long fingernails which make it difficult to use the iPhone 4 normally, or even when drawing with applications such as Sketchbook Pro.

Its range of applications is very high, its being used by the highest level creatives and professionals while freehand drawing, making sketches, presentations, plans, and even children to have fun painting and filling draws at full color.

Key Features

· Very light
· Does not scratch
· Transparent head and elastic sensing tip (sensitivity depending on the applied pressure)
· Power free
· Easy to aim at small icons and text
· Easy to play games
· Maximum Accuracy
· Slide smoothly
· Sensitivity and light action force
· Easy to do handwriting o write quick notes
· Easy to edit: Cut / Copy / Paste
· Easy to browse website and small links without zooming
· Suitable Drawing / Pen Memo
· Suitable the user with fat finger / long nail

Technical Features

· Size: Same as the iPhone 4.
· Thickness: Only 2 mm!
· Colors: Black and Aluminum.
· Finish: High quality and very elegant.
· Material: Lightweight plastic.
· Body: Adhesive to the side with Professional 3M VHB (included).
· Head Material: Transparent with red dot guide in the center.
· Writing Sensation: Same as the nail (1H), but hardness below than the glass (7H).
· Presentation and Packing: Blister printed in full color with transparent window.
· Patent and Manufacture: DAGi Corporation Limited, Taiwan.

Supported Models with Compatible Screens

Any device with a capacitive screen, for example:

· Apple iPad (todos los modelos y versiones)
· Apple iPhone (todos los modelos y versiones)
· Apple iPod Touch (todos los modelos y versiones)
· HTC 7 Trophy
· HTC 7 Mozart
· HTC Surround
· HTC Desire Z
· HTC Evo 4G
· HTC Desire
· HTC Wildfire
· HTC HD mini
· HTC Legend
· HTC Hero
· HTC Droid Eris
· HTC Magic
· Dell Streak mini 5
· Dell Venue Pro
· Sony Ericsson X10
· Google Nexus One
· LENOVO S10-3t
· Samsung Galaxy S i9000
· Samsung Galaxy Tab
· Motorola Droid
· Motorola Milestone
· Motorola XT701
· Motorola XT702
· Motorola XT710
· Motorola XT720
· Acer Aspire 1825PTZ
· Acer Stream
· Motorola Backflip
· LG Optimus 7
· LG Optimus 7Q / Quantum
· Samsung Omnia 7
· Samsung Focus
· ViewSonic ViewPad 7
· ...

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