Duo Car/Truck Charger 12-24v iPhone / iPod [Dual USB Output] - Charge two devices at once while you drive. This charger with Dual USB Output has the power you need for simultaneously charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod or other mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, navigators, ... It features two charging ports: the most powerful 2.1 Amp port has the juice you need to charge your iPad, while the 1 Amp port charges at the same time your iPhone, iPod or other mobile devices from any brand and model that can be charged with USB cable.
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Product overview

· Ideal to charge two devices from a single outlet since it has two powerful USB output ports.
· 5 volts and 2.1 Amps USB port with enough power to charge, for example, any iPad model.
· 5 volts and 1 Amp USB port to charge any other device simultaneously.
· Compatible with vehicles standard cigarette lighter sockets: cars, trucks, caravans, etc ...
· Possibility of multiple combinations, since you can use 1 or the 2 ports, according to the needs of the moment.
· The most powerful port can also be used for devices that do not require so much power, like charging 2 phones.
· Compatible with mobile phones, MP3 players, navigators, tablets, ...

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