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Navigation disks backups with the latest GPS map updates for the Toyota Gen 3 & Gen 5 (TNS 600 / TNS 700) touchscreen devices, Gen 7 (Touch Pro 11HDD), TNS 510, Touch & Go, Touch & Go Plus, Touch 2 with Go, Touch 2 with Go Plus, ...
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TNS 600 / 700 2018 v2 E1G [1 x DVD to choose]
TNS 600 / 700 2018 v2 E1G [1 x DVD to choose]

Map DVD update for the Toyota and Lexus TNS 600 (Gen 3) and TNS 700 (Gen 5) navigation systems manufacturated from 2003 onwards with maps in DVD media, with touchscreen and dual disc drive with one slot for audio CD and one for DVD map. There are also models like Avensis, Prius or Land Cruiser that have the map DVD drive under the seat.

Brand: Toyota
18,75 EUR

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