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Aug 24, 2009 - 13:30 0 Universal Box 23996

Different versions of Flash files and Languages has been added for the Nokia cellphones 5030, 7610, 6730c, 6555, 6600is, 6500c, E63, N86, N96 and N97. The new flash files for the Universal Box customers available directly from the Box Software itself...

New Nokia flash and language files for Universal Box

Detailed list of models and versions added:

5530.RM-504 -v10.0.050
5630.RM-431 -v011.020
5630.RM-431 -v012.008
5800.RM-356 -v21.0.025
5800.RM-356 -v30.0.011
6210N.RM-367 -v04.13
6210N.RM-367 -v05.16
6500C.RM-265 -v10.50
6555.RM-271 -v03.46
6600iS.RM-570 -v36.14
6700C.RM-470 -v07.60
6700C.RM-470 -v07.90
6710N.RM-491 -v021.013
6720C.RM-564 -v012.008
6730C.RM-547 -v021.008
6730C.RM-547 -v021.009
6730C.RM-566 -v021.008
6730C.RM-566 -v021.009
6730C.RM-566 -v022.001
7610.RM-354 -v07.23
E55.RM-482 -v021.013
E63.RM-437 -v110.21.006
E63.RM-437 -v200.21.012
N85.RM-333 -v11.047
N85.RM-333 -v20.175
N86.RM-484 -v10.086
N86.RM-484 -v11.043
N96.RM-247 -v12.043
N97.RM-505 -v10.0.012
N97.RM-505 -v11.0.021
N97.RM-505 -v12.0.024
2330C.RM-512 -v06.75
2630.RM-298 -v57.20
2720F.RM-519 -v08.20
5030.RM-524 -v03.75

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