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Jul 02, 2009 - 21:07 0 Universal Box 22543

What is new in this update: - New flash files for the Universal Box customers available directly from the Box itself.

New Flash Files: Universal Box Nokia Flashes

List of models and versions added:

5130 RM-495 -v06.65
5610 RM-242 -v10.00
5630 RM-431 -v011.020
5730X RM-465 -v100.48.122
6220C RM-328 -v05.15
6500S RM-240 -v10.00
6600F RM-325 -v06.18
6650F RM-400 -v04.18
6700C RM-470 -v07.60
6720C RM-424 -v012.008
7510S RM-398 -v06.65
E51-2 RM-426 -v401.34.011
E51 RM-244 -v400.34.011
E75-1 RM-412 -v100.48.78
E75-1 RM-412 -v110.48.125
E75 RM-413 -v110.48.125
N78 RM-235 -v30.011
N79 RM-348 -v20.175
N85 RM-333 -v11.047
N86-8MP RM-484 -v10.086
N97 RM-505 -v10.0.012
N97 RM-505 -v11.0.021
2600C RM-340 -v06.82
2610 RH-86 -v05.90
7100S RM-438 -v06.31

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