AV Cable for Nintendo Wii - Cable for connect your Nintendo Wii to TVs or monitors by the typical AV input. It has one yellow RCA connector for the video signal and 2 RCA connectors for the 2 audio stereo channels.
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Connection Schematics:

Conection Schematics for the Nintendo Wii AV Cable

Product Description:

The AV cable connects the console to the TV for excellent image quality.

The cable has 2 ends: one is the connector to the console and another are the connectors for your TV (LCD, Monitor, Plasma, Amplifier A / V, Home Cinema, etc ...).

The connection to the TV has three connectors: one for video and two for stereo audio, which are shown below:

· RCA Video Connector Yellow: Video
· RCA Audio Connector White: Stereo Sound Channel (Left)
· RCA Audio Connector Red: Stereo Sound Channel (Right)

Before using the AV cable, make sure your TV is compatible with the connections outlined above or have a SCART socket and accepts scart input.

Enjoy spectacular graphics with the AV and your console.

Play high quality audio with the included stereo connection even in Dolby Digital 5.1 systems or other audio settings.

The cable is shielded and shielded to prevent interference with other entertainment devices.

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