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Brand Sony Ericsson title=
Manufacturer reference ID1266
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Test Card for help you unlocking with the following devices:

· SE Tool 3 Box
· Cruiser Pro Box
· Universal Box
· And definitely, any Unlock Box for SonyEricsson, Motorola, Alcatel...

Compatible with the following brands:

· SonyEricsson
· Motorola
· Alcatel
· etc ...

Functions and Usage*:

Among its wide range of utilities, has been used in the present in order to start SonyEricsson phones of other countries when we do not have its original operator simcard and be able to unlock them while powered on.

A practical example would be when we want to unlock a phone from another country different than ours, by example Russia, and we do not have the SIM card of the original russian operator to which the phone is locked to. So far, there was no way of booting a phone locked without its original operator SIM card.

But actually with this great TestCard there is no such problem. Since introducing this TestCard in the locked phone and switch it on, it start without any problem allowing by this way to unlock the phone without any problem as if its simcard original with total comfort.

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