Nokia 700 BB5 Cable [Combi 10pin + JAF 8pin] -
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Brand Nokia title=
Manufacturer reference ID331159 / MT+JAF198
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FBUS Service Cable with DUAL 2 in 1 connection in the same cable:

· RJ48 UTP10 10 pin connector compatible with MT Box, Genie Universal Clip and GTI Box.
· RJ45 UTP8 8 pin connector compatible with JAF Box, MX Key, Cyclone Box or Key, UFS, Twister, Tornado, HWK, Universal Box, ATF Box and compatibles.

The need of having same model of cable dupped in your stock for both types of box has been finished! Now with a single cable, all are advantages because you have DUAL connection 2 in 1 into an unique cable with the considerable space savings in your work environment, also you will find out faster the cable you need at each moment for the model that you're looking for and, of course, the indisputable cost savings every time you buy new cable model, avoiding to have to buy each cable in duplicate for both interfaces.

Dual Hybrid Combi Connector

Functions and Usage*:

· Phone and Operator Network sim-lock Unlocking.
· Firmware and Software Update.
· Flashing, Repairing and Language Change.
· Reset or Read Phone User Code.
· Reset or Read Phone Security Code.

Type of available Connectors for Boxes and Service Tools:

RJ45 UTP8 Connector RJ48 UTP10 Connector

* = Please be informed that the cable be compatible with the above Service Tools does not mean that the latest available software version for the device has been updated in order to support any or whole functions of the concrete handset model. So please double check that the handset model is being supported by latest available software version of your device. Sometimes the working cables are available in the market before the device manufacturer releases the updated software which supports the handset model.

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