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Jul 09, 2009 - 19:49 0 Polar Box 2 24411

What is new in this update: - New supported models for Polar Box 2 customers. - New Flash Files added to Support.

New Update: Polar Box 2 and Flash Files

New supported models and features in this update:

· New Alcatel Models:

- Alcatel OT363 unlock Supported (world first)
- Fixed Repair Alcatel S520 with blank screen (Damaged by other tools)

· Flash Files Added:

OT303: (Added 303a Southamerican Support)

303a_ALAR1_16F_Firmware(EN_ES_FR_PT_IT).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)
303x_ALEU_16F_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)
303x_ALTR_16F_Firmware(EN_FR_DE_NE_TUR).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)


363x_ALEU_26A_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_IT_DE).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)
363x_ALCY_26A_Firmware(EN_RU_BUL_GR_ALB).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)
363x_ALGR_26A_Firmware(EN_RU_BUL_GR_ALB).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)


S520a_ALMX_45A_Firmware(EN_FR_ES_PT_BR_IT).zip (unlocked unbrand and decustomized)

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