News » New DCT4ALL.SMX for unlock all Nokia DCT4+ in 1 second!

Apr 22, 2010 - 14:34 0 Genie Universal Clip 32615

New DCT4ALL.SMX v0.1 Script to unlock all DCT4+ for free and without worrying about the firmware version of the phones. Of course the upgrade is free and it allows unlimited unlocking. The process does not require computer use and only takes 1 second per handset!

New DCT4ALL.SMX for unlock all Nokia DCT4+ in 1 second!

As is well known, this clip works without computer and it does not need any activations, it comes with all preinstalled and we ship it fully updated and ready to unlock out of the box.

To the clip can be connected directly MTBOX RJ48 10 pin cables, but also it supports JAF / Cyclone RJ45 cables with the included 10p to 8p adaptor.

The new models supported by the DCT4ALL.smx Script for unlocking without WITHOUT computer and WITHOUT credits are:

Nokia 1110i RH-93
Nokia 1112b RH-92
Nokia 1200 RH-99
Nokia 1200 RH-100
Nokia 1202 RH-112
Nokia 1208 RH-105
Nokia 1208b RH-106
Nokia 1209 RH-105
Nokia 1600b RH-66
Nokia 1661 RM-305
Nokia 1662
Nokia 1650 RM-305
Nokia 1680 Classic RM-394
Nokia 1680 Classic-2b RM-490
Nokia 2220 Slide RM-590
Nokia 2310 RM-189
Nokia 2320 Classic RM-514
Nokia 2320 Classic-2b RM-515
Nokia 2323 CLassic RM-543
Nokia 2330 Classic RM-512
Nokia 2600 RH-60
Nokia 2600a RH-60
Nokia 2600 Classic RM-340
Nokia 2610 RH-86
Nokia 2610b RH-87
Nokia 2626 RM-291
Nokia 2630 RM-298
Nokia 2630b RM-299
Nokia 2660 RM-292
Nokia 2660b RM-293
Nokia 2680 Slide RM-392
Nokia 2680 Slide-2b RM-500
Nokia 2720 Fold RM-519
Nokia 2760 RM-258
Nokia 2760b RM-259
Nokia 2760h RM-391
Nokia 5000 RM-362
Nokia 5030 XM RM-524
Nokia 6030b RM-75
Nokia 7070 RH-116
Nokia 7100s RM-438

These above models are supported fter update your Clip with Genie Client Update under "Mode" -> "USB mode" (only with Firmware v0.0.0.192r or above).

While Unlocking our DCT4+ phones with "dct4all.smx" it also repair any damage in the SIM-LOCK Area, since the unlock procedure fully rebuilds the sim-lock zone.

The best of this clip is that you can start to unlock the latest Nokia cellphones without previous knowledges, without computers and without internet!

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