News » New Nokia DCT4+ phones unlocking without computer and without credits!

Apr 01, 2010 - 15:36 0 Genie Universal Clip 30569

New DCT4Plus v0.4 update for all Genie Universal Clip users. With it we can unlock for free and totally unlimited the latest versions of our Nokia DCT4+ handsets!

New Nokia DCT4+ phones unlocking without computer and without credits!

As is well known, this clip works without computer and it does not need any activations, it comes with all preinstalled and we ship it fully updated and ready to unlock out of the box.

To the clip can be connected directly MTBOX RJ48 10 pin cables, but also it supports JAF / Cyclone RJ45 cables with the included 10p to 8p adaptor.

The new models and versions added to the 4plus.smx script for unlocking without WITHOUT computer and WITHOUT credits are:

Nokia 7070 Prism - RH-116 version 07.60
Nokia 2760 - RM-391 version 06.83
Nokia 2680 - RM-392 version 05.28
Nokia 1680c - RM-394 version 07.60
Nokia 1680c2 - RM-395 version 07.60
Nokia 1680c-2b - RM-490 version 06.22
Nokia 1680c-2b - RM-490 version 06.83
Nokia 2320c-2b - RM-515 version 06.88
Nokia 2720f - RM-519 version 09.55
Nokia 2720 - RM-520 version 08.62
Nokia 2220s - RM-590 version 09.55

We remember you that we supply the Clip with the following accessories:

01. Genie Clip 2010 Revised Edition - Black Color
02. Genie Original Battery (7.2V 1500mAh)
03. Mains Charger 110-240v (9v 1000mAh)
04. Mains Charger EURO Plug with 2 Pin (220v)
05. Mains Charger UK/USA Plug with 3 Pin (110v)
06. USB-A to DC Output for Charge the Device with the Computer
07. Genie RJ48 10pin -> JAF RJ45 7pin Adaptor with BSI Resistor switch between 0k, 5.1k, 7.5k and 10k
08. USB 2.0 Clip Cable (USB-A to miniUSB)
09. SD Card 2GB for the Clip folders: System, Programs, Files, Scripts and auto-save Phone Backups before each Unlock.

The best of this clip is that you can start to unlock the latest Nokia cellphones without previous knowledges, without computers and without internet!

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