News » Samsung Tool v3.3 Beta 8 update for Z3X Box released!

Aug 14, 2009 - 22:50 0 Z3X Box 35301

A large list of supported models has been added such as Alcatel OT-660, Flip E100, Fly SL399E, SL600, SL T100, SX200, LG GB102, Samsung B280, E1310M, E1360B, Lobster S320, Coral 500 and Orange Tokio. Also flash and language files and pinout diagrams added to the Official Download Area...

Samsung Tool v3.3 Beta 8 update for Z3X Box released!

· Features of this release:

FAST and SAFE method based on MSL algo calculation for:

- Unlock all verions.
- Repair "Freezed" failure on all firmwares.
- Full IMEI Rebuilding and Repairing on all versiones.

· Supported Models in this version:

- Samsung GS-S5230
- Samsung GS-S5233
- Samsung GS-S5233A
- Samsung GS-S5233S

We remember you that all Z3X Box we sell have included the Licenses for Samsung and LG/LG 3G activated, therefore if you purchased the Box from us you will be able to enjoy this update totally unlimited. Without logs and without credits!

Actually Z3X Box is the best world Box for unlock, repair and flash all Samsung, LG 2G and LG 3G handsets without any doubt!

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