Special Y Cable for XTC Clip & XTC 2 Clip - Special Y cable with microUSB connector for the XTC Clip y the XTC 2 Clip. Using it with XTC Clip we will be able to unlock HTC cell phones with Windows Phone 7 such as the HD7 Shubert or the HD Mozart. Using it with XTC 2 Clip we will be able to unlock all HTC phones that do not have the built-in microSD slot.
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Main features

· Cell phones unlocking (network operator sim-lock opening).
· Permanent and full factory unlock.
· Unlimited use and without credits.
· Resets user and security code.

What are the advantages about to using this special HD7 Kit cable?

· The handset becomes 100% factory sim free.
· Accepts official and sim-free flashes much more modern than those from the operators.
· It updates the firmware to the latest free version directly from the phone menu (OTA Over The Air).
· Total decustomization and debranding like sim-free factory phones: no logos, no operator menus, ...
· It enables all the menus and functions that were hidden or capped by the operator.

Supported HTC models with Windows Phone 7 with the XTC Clip

· HTC HD / Mozart
· HTC HD7 / Shubert
· ...

Supported HTC models with the XTC 2 Clip

· All HTC phones that do not have microSD slot installed from factory.

This article includes the following products

1 x Official XTC Y Cable compatible with the XTC Clip and the XTC 2 Clip

To use this cable you need to have a XTC Clip or a XTC 2 Clip (sold separately and is also available on our online store).


· High Speed USB Interface
· There is no need Serial COM RS-232 Port
· Designed using SMD Technology
· High Quality Connectors
· Factory Professional Finishing
· Meets USB v1.1 and v2.0 Standard Specifications
· Unique bag for each cable
· Available USB port required in the Computer

Functions and Usage*:

· Phone Network Unlocking
· Flashing, Repairing and Language Change

Connection Type to the Computer:

USB Connector

* = Available Functions always depending on the software you use.

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