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Aug 10, 2009 - 15:20 0 VSZ Service Tools 16663

Now you can unlock the Vodafone 715, 716, 720, 725, 810, 830 y los Huawei U120, U120E, U120 (Plusfon), U120s, U121, U121 (Playset), 603i (Plusfon) models from all operators. Unlock without problems, without credits, without logs and totally unlimited with the VSZ Service Tools Activation...

Martech VSZ Modem Service Tools v1.6.0.0 released!

What is new in this update:

- New models added and fully supported.

Supported models in this update:

- Vodafone 715
- Vodafone 716
- Vodafone 720
- Vodafone 725
- Vodafone 810
- Vodafone 830
- Huawei U120
- Huawei U120E
- Huawei U120 (Plusfon)
- Huawei U120s
- Huawei U121
- Huawei U121 (Playset)
- Huawei 603i (Plusfon)

How to get this new version totally for free?

It's very simple. Connect your Martech Box 2 Plus to your computer, run your actual version of "vsz.exe" and self update process will begin thru Internet.

Remember that once you have VSZ Service Tools Activation in your Martech Box 2 Plus, there is NO need to purchase credits or logs for completely UNLIMITED use!

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