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Manufacturer reference ID14794
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UST PRO 2 Windows 98 / WinME UST PRO 2 Windows 98 / WinME
UST PRO 2 Windows 2000 / XP Drivers UST PRO 2 Windows 2000 / XP Drivers
New Drivers for UST PRO 2 (2010) New Drivers for UST PRO 2 (2010)

Special Feature:

· It has DOUBLE RJ45 OUTPUT for 2 UST PRO 2 Cables

With this great feature can flash, release, change language and update firmware to 2 phones simultaneously using the same BOX and the same COMPUTER without duplicating costs and what is more important, at DOUBLE Speed !!

Product Description:

This product contains original device, which means complete original mother board (PCB) and original casing, but without official sim-card.

It is designed to update your previous version of your box or device to the last edition, while retaining your official SIM card.

It is also very useful when your official SIM card is still operating and is active, but the hardware of your box or device that has failed being out of warranty.

In this case you can replace the hardware box and released as if it were a new without having to buy the product again. By this way, you will profit your original card and cables you already have in your hands, thus avoiding having to duplicate unnecessary costs.

Please note that if your official SIM-card has extra activations and/or added services locked to your ID or serial number, you will not lose them and you will continue enjoying and containing all the services and activations as the old one.

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