Sagem 5 in 1 USB Cable for Polar Box & Micro Box (Venom Series) - USB FTDI cable for Sagem and ZTE. It has USB connection to the PC and RJ45 for the 5 heads compatible with the vast majority of supported phones. Particularly suitable for use with Polar Box 2 Metal, Polar Box 2 Plastic & Polar Box 3 Metal. Also compatible with boxes like SagDD Box, SWS-SAG Box, SST2, Sagem Code Reader SCDR, Sagem Code Reader SCDR 2, SagMaster, SMTI, etc...
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Brand Sagem title=
Manufacturer reference ID91773
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Serves for
MC 912, RC 922, MC 932, MC 940, MC 959, MC 950, MC 936, MC 939 WAP, MC 3000, MW 3020, WA 3050, MW X1, MW 3040, MW 3042, MW 3052, MW 3026, MY 3078, MY X-5 / X5m, MY X-6, MY C-5w, MY C-2, MY X-1w, MY C-3s, MY C-3b, MY X5-2, MY C2-2, MY C-4, MY C4-2, MY X1-2, MY C5-2, MY X6-2, MY X1-2 Trio, MY C3-2, MY C5-3, MY C2-3, VS1, VS2, VS3, VS4, VS5, my100X, my101x, my150x, my200C, my210x / 212x / 214x, my215x, my411X, my700X, my800X, my220x, my226x, my230x, my231x, my234x, my411c, my721z, my721x, my750x, my810x, my855c, my411C Oxbow

Cables and interchangeable RJ45 head connectors included in this product:

· MY X5 / 9xx
· MY C-5w / Wonu
· MY C-2 / VS1 / VS2 / VS3
· my411x / my700x
· RJ45 a JTAG / TP / Placa

DUAL Service Cable RJ45 UTP8 + USB Type compatible with the following devices:

· Polar Box 2 Metal (2006-2009 version)
· Polar Box 2 Plastic (2010-2011 version)
· Polar Box 3 Metal (2012 version)
· Z3X Box Metal (2004-2011 version)
· Z3X Box Plastic (2012 version)
· Octopus Box
· Pegasus Box
· Infinity Box (all versions)
· SE Tool 3 Box (Plastic 2010 Edition)
· NANO Box
· Micro-Box
· KulanKendi Box
· Easy Unlocker Box (EU Box)
· UST PRO 2 (all versions)
· Furious Box (all versions)
· SE Tool 3 Box (only Plastic version)
· Unibox RS-232 Serie/COM or USB versions
· And definitely, any Box with compatible pinout

Dual Hybrid Combi Connector

Functions and Usage*:

· Phone and Operator Network sim-lock Unlocking.
· Firmware and Software Update.
· Flashing, Repairing and Language Change.
· Reset or Read Phone User Code.
· Reset or Read Phone Security Code.

Connector type to the Box or Service Tool:

UNIBOX RJ45 UTP8 Connector

Connector type to the Computer:

USB Connector

* = Please be informed that the cable be compatible with the above Service Tools does not mean that the latest available software version for the device has been updated in order to support any or whole functions of the concrete handset model. So please double check that the handset model is being supported by latest available software version of your device. Sometimes the working cables are available in the market before the device manufacturer releases the updated software which supports the handset model.

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