Polar Box Expansion Set (13 cables) - In this wonderful Expansion Pack are included the most recent cables, that are needed in everyday work, and did not come with the original kit of 35 cables of Polar Box. The savings when purchasing this set is totally considerable since each cable comes out at half price!
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Pack containing the following cables:

01. Alcatel S210, S120, OT-S211, OT-S920 / LG KG KG190 (Venom Series)
02. Alcatel S320, C701, C707, OT-708, OT808 & Vodafone 541 (BX Series)
03. Philips 659
04. Samsung E210 Dual RJ45+USB Dual RJ45+USB with EXTRA LONG Connector (BX Series)
05. USB-A -> microUSB for the latest Samsung S5600, 8300, latest BlackBerry, HTC, etc...
06. Nec N8 USB, Nec 341 & Sharp GX15, GX17, GX25, GX29
07. Nec 616 3G USB / Sharp GX Flashing (Valid for repair "Start NG" fault in the Sharp GX series)
08. Trium Mars
09. Trium 341i, 330 with Long connnector with Silicone
10. LG KU311, KF310, KU990, KU800 USB (Venom Series)
11. Samsung C3300K, S5560, S5620, S7070, B3410, B5310, S5250 Wave 2, S5550, M3710 (BX Series)
12. LG GW300, GS290, Orange Miami, Amsterdam, ZTE-G N281 & Alcatel OT606, OT710, OT880 (Venom Series)
13. LG GS101, GS102, GS106, GS107, GS155, A133, T310, GB130 & Vodafone 547 Dual RJ45+USB (Venom Series)

"Venom Series" Service Cable RJ45 UTP8 Type compatible with the following devices:

· Polar Box 2 Metal (2006-2009 version)
· Polar Box 2 Plastic (2010-2011 version)
· Polar Box 3 Metal (2012 version)
· Z3X Box Metal (2004-2011 version)
· Z3X Box Plastic (2012 version)
· Octopus Box
· Pegasus Box
· Infinity Box (all versions)
· SE Tool 3 Box (Plastic 2010 Edition)
· NANO Box
· Micro-Box
· KulanKendi Box
· Easy Unlocker Box (EU Box)
· UST PRO 2 (all versions)
· Furious Box (all versions)
· SE Tool 3 Box (only Plastic version)
· Unibox RS-232 Serie/COM or USB versions
· And definitely, any Box with compatible pinout

Functions and Usage*:

· Phone and Operator Network sim-lock Unlocking.
· Firmware and Software Update.
· Flashing, Repairing and Language Change.
· Reset or Read Phone User Code.
· Reset or Read Phone Security Code.

Special Characteristics of the Venom Series Cables:

BX Series Cable

· Manufactured using the most advanced technology!
· Cables of EXTREME Quality Category 7 (UTP CAT7)!
· Pins and springs tested in factory a minimum of 50000 cycles!
· Maximum precision in design for a perfect attaching to the phone!
· RJ Clip to the Box Protected! NO more broken clips!
· Performance and the highest data transfer speed without errors!
· New generation cable for the most exigent Professional Unlockers!

Connector type to the Box:

UNIBOX RJ45 UTP8 Connector

* = Please be informed that the cable be compatible with the above Service Tools does not mean that the latest available software version for the device has been updated in order to support any or whole functions of the concrete handset model. So please double check that the handset model is being supported by latest available software version of your device. Sometimes the working cables are available in the market before the device manufacturer releases the updated software which supports the handset model.

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