Polar Credits refilling for Polar Box - Polar Credits for top up your Polar Box and use them to unlock the latest mobile phones models that are requiring credits at each moment. These logs are valid for any edition of Polar Box. Also are valid to be able to use the paid services of unlocking by IMEI of the CODES button inside the Polar Suite software. These credits can NOT be used to unlock or IMEI repair in the
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When should I buy these optional credits for Polar Box?

· While unlocking by cable the Polar Suite software displays the "Insufficient credits" or "You not have enough credits !!" message for a certain model.
· When you want to use the unlocking by IMEI paid services located in the CODES section inside the Polar Suite program.

The purchased quantity of credits its refilled in the ACT and directly to the Serial Number of your Polar Box once payment is confirmed.

What models consume credits when unlocking by cable with the Polar Suite software?

· Huawei U75xx: 1 crédito.

· Huawei U81xx / U83xx / U85xx: 1 credit.

· Huawei U88xx / Ascend G510 / Orange Daytona / Ascend Y300: 1 credit.

· Huawei U91xx: 1 credit.

· Huawei vodafone 848 Smart / 858 Smart: 1 credit.

· Huawei Orange Barcelona / Estocolmo / Optimus Stockholm: 1 credit.

· Huawei T-Mobile Pulse Mini / Tap / Comet / SFR Starshine: 1 credit.

· Huawei Boulder / Gaga / Juni / Ivy / Selina / Ideos (X1, X2, Chat, ...): 1 credit.

· vodafone NEO 3200 / NEO 4000: 10 credits.

· ...

How much does each unlocking by IMEI cost with CODES button of the Polar Suite software?

· LG (all models): 20 credits.

· HTC (up to 2012 models): 10 credits.

· HTC (2013 and later): 12 credits.

· Motorola (except models with Android): 6 credits.

· iPhone Operator Check (*): 3 credits.

· ...

* = iPhone Operator Check: entering the IMEI will show the official data from the Apple databasee, by example if its simlocked or not, the original network carrier to which is locked, the exact model of the iPhone / iPad (Gb of memory, original color, serial number, etc...), purchase date, remaining days of the official warranty, etc...

This item does not have shipping costs and the delivery its instant by eMail

Important information about the Serial Number of your Box:

It is becoming increasingly common for Boxes manufacturers to require the Serial Number of your Box for create the Logs or Credits account for your Device.

To avoid delays and speed up to the maximum the delivery of your Logs or Credits, please indicate the Serial Number of your Box or Device EXACTLY using the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" FIELD when ordering.

Where is the serial number of my Box or Device?

If you bought the Box in our store, you can locate the Serial Number on a sticker that is on the outside of your Box.

You can easily identify it because is just what appears below the barcode.

If was not so, you can run the software of your Box or Device and you may see a string of characters that appear after: Serial Number:, SN:, Serial:, Device SN:, etc ... This is your Serial Number and that you must provide it filling the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" FIELD while placing your order.

Generally the Serial Number is shown in the title bar of the program, or just in any tab like "About" or in any part of the program such as "Information", "Account Information", "Box Information", "Registration Info" or "Reseller Information".

Do not confuse the serial number with the access details (username, passwords, ...) to the Official Support Area of your Box.

The serial numbers, depending on the manufacturer's Box and can contain only digits, digits and letters, and in some cases two groups of characters separated by a hyphen. Here are several examples of real Serial Numbers:

Unlock Boxes Serial Numbers Samples

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