Martech Box 2 Plus Cable Set (6 pcs) -
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S68, E61, EL71, P51, SL91, C32, SF71, C25, S25, A35, A36, C35, C35i, M35i, S35i, SL45, C45, S45, SL42, SL45i, M50, A50, C55, SL55 / SL56, A55 / A56, M55, Xelibri 4, Xelibri 3, Xelibri 2, Xelibri 1, C60, MC60, A60, Xelibri 5, Xelibri 6, Xelibri 7, Xelibri 8, CX65 / CX66, CXT65, C65 / C66 / CV65 Vodafone / CT65 T-Mobile, CX70, CF75, CX75, C75, CF110, AF51, A31

Pack containing the following Cables (6 pcs):

1. Cable Martech Box a Adaptador TestPoint v3 Aluminio Edicion
2. Adaptador Martech Box v3 Aluminio Edicion Series X65 / X7x
3. Cable Martech Box TestPoint Agujas v3 Aluminio Edicion
4. Cable Martech Box Siemens S35 / A50 / C45
5. Cable Martech Box Siemens C55
6. Cable Martech Box Siemens A31 / S68

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