Digital 2 in 1 Soldering Station + Stand + 3 Air Nozzles - High Quality and Professinal Designed Station for soldering and desoldering for a wide range of components requiring precision. It is digitally controlled between 100 and 450 °C and the temperature is constant regardless of the selected air flow. It can be applied in any field of electronics such as mobile phones, computers, consoles, automotive, etc... and which can not be absent from any workshop or service center.
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Key features

· Ideal for soldering and desoldering SMD chips and components such as SOIC, PLCC, BGA, ...
· Digital temperature control that displays both actual and set temperature.
· Independent potentiometers to regulate air flow and temperature.
· Displays established airflow rate through the airflow meter.
· Constant temperature for various wind rates.
· Automatic cooling mode protecting after power off the device, extending so the usage life of the system and the air nozzles as well.
· ESD Safe Ready eliminating so the static electricity from components.

Technical specifications

· Power Input: 220 volts / 50 Hz.
· Maximum Power: 700W.
· Temperature Range: Regulable, between 100 and 450 Celsius degrees.
· Accurate Temperature Control and Stability:: ±1 °C.
· Warm-up Time: 3 / 5 seconds.
· Heating Element: Metal Heating Core.
· Pump/Motor Type: Diaphragm Pump.
· Air Capacity: 120 liters/min (max).

Applications and use

· GSM and PCBs repairing.
· Console Video Gamming reparing and ideal for modchips installation.
· Vehicles odometers, ECUs, control units, and milleage counters repairing.
· Computer equipment repairing as motherboards, graphics cards GPUs, laptops, ...
· And in the end any field in electronics repair that requires great precision.

Package contents

· 2 in 1 Soldering Station by hot air and with soldering iron.
· Set of 3pcs must have air nozzles of 7 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm of diameters.
· G001 IC popper.
· Z001 Hot air gun holder.
· 220 volts EURO SHUCKO Power cord.

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