Regulated DC Digital Power Supply - Robust Digital Power Supply Digital fully multifunction and that can be applied in any field of electronics such as mobile phones, computers, consoles, automotive, etc... and which can not be absent from any workshop or service center. The output voltage is adjustable between 0.15 and 15 volts and emulates any type of battery or power source. It has a digital and accurate consumption indicator of 0~2 Amp very useful for checking and detecting excesses in consumption of the devices.
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Included Accessories

· Multifunction Digital Regulated DC Power Supply 0.15V~15V / 0~2A
· Universal Cable with 2 x Banana <-> 2 x Crocodile Tweezer + 4 x Power Clips
· Special GSM Multi Cable (optional and sold separately).

Technical Specs

Input Voltage: Auto-Shift 110V±10% ~ 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: Adjustable, DC 0.15V ~ 15V
Loading Stability: ≤0.01% ±5mv
Power Stability: ≤0.01% ±2mv
Output Ripple: ≤5mv (RMS)
Current Output: Adjustable, 0 ~ 2A
Current Loading Stability: ≤0.2% ±2mA
Current Overload Protection: 2A ±10%
Display: Double, LCD 3 digits each.
Fine Adjustment Resolution (min): 1 mAh
Gross Adjustment Resolution (max): 1.99A, 15.0V


This new revision of this successful product introduces newest ideas and the new circuit design achieve superior performance:

· To be more practical after adding new interfaces of 1K vibration signal, ground wire and +/- 5V power output.

· 3 digits LCD displaying regulated output voltage 0~15V.

· 3 digits LCD displaying of current 0~2A for electronics testing and consumption measuring on-the-fly and be able to detect abnormal situations with the connected device.

· Auto interchange of current scale between mA or A.

· Multifunction of testing voltage value, current value, RF value and transient current strength.

· Adopt dedicated thick diaphragm and high-power integrated circuit to have high precision on voltage stability and constant current output.

· Over current circuit protection avoids further damage because of prompt response of short circuit in loading and over current.

· Dynamic current monitor reflects transient loading current instantly to judge the faulty parts of mobile circuit board easily.

· It shows mobile phone frequency field (RF) and RF indicator which let the technician has RF reference data and then judge normal RF.

· Adjustable current 0~2A used for mobile phone quick charger without damage of lithium battery.

· High efficient, noiseless environment protection design.

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