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Included Accessories

· Multifunction Digital Regulated DC Power Supply 0.15V~15V / 0~2A
· Universal Cable with 2 x Banana <-> 2 x Crocodile Tweezer + 4 x Power Clips
· Special GSM Multi Cable (optional and sold separately).

Technical Specs

Input Voltage: Auto-Shift 110V±10% ~ 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: Adjustable, DC 0.15V ~ 15V
Loading Stability: ≤0.01% ±5mv
Power Stability: ≤0.01% ±2mv
Output Ripple: ≤5mv (RMS)
Current Output: Adjustable, 0 ~ 2A
Current Loading Stability: ≤0.2% ±2mA
Current Overload Protection: 2A ±10%
Display: Double, LCD 3 digits each.
Fine Adjustment Resolution (min): 1 mAh
Gross Adjustment Resolution (max): 1.99A, 15.0V


This new revision of this successful product introduces newest ideas and the new circuit design achieve superior performance:

· To be more practical after adding new interfaces of 1K vibration signal, ground wire and +/- 5V power output.

· 3 digits LCD displaying regulated output voltage 0~15V.

· 3 digits LCD displaying of current 0~2A for electronics testing and consumption measuring on-the-fly and be able to detect abnormal situations with the connected device.

· Auto interchange of current scale between mA or A.

· Multifunction of testing voltage value, current value, RF value and transient current strength.

· Adopt dedicated thick diaphragm and high-power integrated circuit to have high precision on voltage stability and constant current output.

· Over current circuit protection avoids further damage because of prompt response of short circuit in loading and over current.

· Dynamic current monitor reflects transient loading current instantly to judge the faulty parts of mobile circuit board easily.

· It shows mobile phone frequency field (RF) and RF indicator which let the technician has RF reference data and then judge normal RF.

· Adjustable current 0~2A used for mobile phone quick charger without damage of lithium battery.

· High efficient, noiseless environment protection design.

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