NEC 331i COM/Serial Cable -
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Serves for
NEC N21i
NEC N22i
NEC N223i
NEC N331i


Serial Interface (COM Port RS-232)
DB9 Female Connection (9 pins)
Designed using SMD Technology
High End Quality Connectors
Factory Professional Finishing
Cable with Ferric Core for interference reduction
Meets RS-232C Standard
Meets all V.28 Specifications
Unique bag for each cable
Available RS-232 Serial port required in the Computer
Built-in External Power Connection with Tweezers

Functions and Usage*:

Phone and Operator Network sim-lock Unlocking.
Reset or Read Phone User Code
Reset or Read Phone Security Code

Connection Type to the Computer:

RS-232 Serial/COM Connection

External Power using Alligator Clips:

4,5 Volts Alligator Clips Connectors9 Volts Alligator Clips Connectors

* = Available Functions always depending on the software you use.

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