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Pack containing the following Cables (17 pcs):

01. Alcatel DB/301/501/701
02. Alcatel OT 311/511
03. Alcatel OT 525/331/332
04. Alcatel OT 535/735/556/565/756
05. Alcatel OT 152
06. Alcatel OT 320
07. Motorola T191/Panasonic X60
08. Nec N21i/N22i/N223i/N331i
09. Panasonic G50 / G51
10. Panasonic GD92/GD67
11. Philips Fisio
12. Philips 630
13. Philips 530
14. Philips 659
15. Sharp GX10
16. Sharp GX30
17. USB-A -> miniUSB (Motorola V3 Type)


· Multicable with Serial Interface (COM Port RS-232)
· DB9 Female Connection (9 pins) in one side
· PS2 Connection in the end for swap Heads
· Save money and space without the need to have a specific cable for each model
· Its posible to buy spare Connector Heads separately
· When New model appears you always can buy the new Head if its available
· Designed using SMD Technology
· High End Quality Connectors
· Factory Professional Finishing
· Cable with Ferric Core for interference reduction
· Meets RS-232C Standard
· Meets all V.28 Specifications
· Unique bag for each cable
· Available RS-232 Serial port required in the Computer
· Built-in External Power Connection for 9 volts 6LR61 Battery

Functions and Usage*:

· Phone and Operator Network sim-lock Unlocking
· Firmware and Software Update
· Flashing, Repairing and Language Change
· Reset or Read Phone User Code
· Reset or Read Phone Security Code

Connection Type to the Computer:

RS-232 Serial/COM Connection

Connection Type between Cable and intechangeable Heads:

PS/2 Connection

External Power thru 9 Volts Battery Holder Connection:

9 volts Battery Holder Connector

* = Available Functions always depending on the software you use.

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