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miniUSB (female) to microUSB (male) Converter
miniUSB (female) to microUSB (male) Converter

1 units 5,90 EUR
from 2 to 4 units 5,45 EUR
from 5 to 20 units 4,90 EUR
from 21 units 4,45 EUR

miniUSB (female) to microUSB (male) Converter

Duo Car/Truck Charger 12-24v iPhone / iPod [Dual USB Output]
Duo Car/Truck Charger 12-24v iPhone / iPod [Dual USB Output]

1 units 5,95 EUR
from 2 to 4 units 4,95 EUR
from 5 units 3,95 EUR

Duo Car/Truck Charger 12-24v iPhone / iPod [Dual USB Output]

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LG 8150 Clip
LG 8150 Clip

79,00 EUR
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LG 8150 Clip

TestPoint SmartClip Argon v2 Cable
TestPoint SmartClip Argon v2 Cable

18,00 EUR
5,95 EUR
TestPoint SmartClip Argon v2 Cable

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SUPER HOT PRICE !! R4i GOLD for DS, DS Lite and DSi starts at 10,00 EUR !!
Dec 24, 2009 - 18:47 | 22494 readings.
Available in REAL stock the R4i GOLD! It has undoubtedly the BEST relation between PRICE and QUALITY for Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi! This super sales product will not disappoint you in any aspect! Its Plug and Play, do not void the warranty of your console and its 100% updatable! Works on all firmware versions, even with the latest consoles of the market with the v1.4 installed! Compatible with all type of ROMs, Homebrew and Multimedia! NOT need cables to upgrade it and you dont need flash anything to make it work!
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Feature Highlights:
· Compatible with Nintendo DS, DSL and DSi.
· Absolutely all versions and all models!
· No computer knowledge needed, just copy the files to the microSD memory card with the included USB and plug the cartridge into your console!
· Even most recent consoles in the market with the latest firmware v1.4 installed!
· 100% Game Compatibility, also with the most problematic ones!
· Direct boot of originals games, import games and security backups.
· It does not damage your console since it is a cartridge of the same size and as thin as an original game.
· Supports DMA reading, so you will not see "Please wait, loading ..." messages or notice any lag while using games stored in the microSD card.
· Wonderful automatic "sleep mode" for energy saving and longer stand-by time! Your battery will last more than ever!

Detailed Features:
· Supports Multi-Language System: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.
· Super simple menus that take advantage of the double screen and the possibility of navigate by buttons or touch screen.
· List of games that show the title and image of each game to recognize them without launching them!
· Memorize the folder where you were or the game you had selected before you turned off or restarted your console.
· Regular Free updates for enhance the software and firmware of your Flash Cart and support new games or problematic ROMs .
· Supports standard microSD cards of any capacity and class to store your games and programs!
· Supports also the newest high speed microSDHC cards of any capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.
· Compatible with FAT16 and FAT32 file systems in the Memory Cards.
· Extreme simple to use, just Plug & Play.
· Files can be transfered with your PC, cellphone, laptop, PDA, digital camera, etc... Easier impossible!
· Fully Action Replay Cheat Code Compatible engine.
· Soft Reset function to reset the console at any time without turning it off!
· Automatically detect save game files are present, if not it will create one transparently for you.
· The save games are stored directly on the microSD card, no need to copy or restore them.
· Excellent homebrew support, DLDI on-the-fly auto-patcher for unsigned applications.
· Robust and skinnable GUI. Even the background User Interface image can be changed to whatever you want.
· Built-in PassMe for DS and DS Lite.
· Compatible and Full Integration of Moonshell v2 (Mulmedia Tool for Play DPG videos, read TXT files, display Photos and play MP3 and OGG music files!)
· Function to return to R4 Main Menu at any time from Moonshell by pressing the START button (only in DSi).
· Supports Download Play in DS.
· Supports Rumble Pack, GBA expansion pack & DS Browser (DS and DS Lite only).
· Built-in direct launch from Slot-2 in GBA Mode (DS only).
· Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment (DS Lite and DSi only).
· Compatible with the Wi-Fi connection of your console!

Main Advantages:
· For your convenience we send each R4i GOLD Upgrade Revolution with the last Core INSTALLED!
· No need open your console, so it does not affect the warranty of your machine!
· Supports latest Consoles in the market, even the ones with v1.4 version!
· Works on consoles from all regions: Europeans, Americans, Chineses and Japanseses.
· Supports clean ROM without modifying or patching anything.
· Recognizes automatically new types of games without having to upgrade anything!
· No tiene que flashear nada, ni usar ningún tipo de cable para actualizar nada.
· If needed in the future, the Core and Firmware is updatable directly from the Memory Card, WITHOUT CABLES HEADCHES!

Package Contents:
1 x R4i GOLD Upgrade Revolution Flash cart
1 x USB Reader for microSD/SDHC Cards
1 x Carrycase for the Flash Cart

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