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Basic set for Polar / Z3X / Octopus (6 cables)
Basic set for Polar / Z3X / Octopus (6 cables)

18,90 EUR
Basic set for Polar / Z3X / Octopus (6 cables)

Vygis LG Box + DC-Unlocker 2 in 1
Vygis LG Box + DC-Unlocker 2 in 1

249,00 EUR
Vygis LG Box + DC-Unlocker 2 in 1

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TestPoint MSS Box 2 Argon V2 Cable

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LGE Tool Calculator Activation or License Re-newal

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LGE Tool Calculator Activation or License Re-newal

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M3i SDHC Flash Cart for Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi by only 15,90 EUR !!
Dec 17, 2009 - 13:40 | 20426 readings.
Available in REAL stock one of the world best Nintendo DS, DS Lite y DSi Flash Cart! Its Plug and Play, do not void the warranty of your console and its 100% updatable WITHOUT CABLES! Works on all firmware versions, even with the latest consoles of the market with the v1.4 installed! Compatible with all type of ROMs, Homebrew and Multimedia!
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Feature Highlights:
· Compatible with Nintendo DS, DSL and DSi.
· Absolutely all versions and all models!
· Even most recent consoles in the market with the latest firmware v1.4 installed!
· 100% Game Compatibility, also with the most problematic ones!
· Direct boot of originals games, import games and security backups.
· Cartridge size and fine as an original game.
· Supports DMA reading, so you will not see "Please wait, loading ..." messages while using games stored in the microSD card.
· If needed in the future, the Core and Firmware is updatable directly from the Memory Card, WITHOUT CABLES HEADCHES!

Detailed Features:
· Supports Real Time Save function: Save & Restore anytime, anywhere as it was while you saved the game!
· Supports Multi-Language System: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korea and Thai.
· Regular Free updates for enhance the software and firmware of your Flash Cart and support new games or problematic ROMs .
· Supports microSD cards up to 2GB for store games and applicacions!
· Supports also the newest high capacity microSDHC cards of any capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB …
· Compatible with FAT16 and FAT32 formats in the Memory Cards.
· Extreme simple to use, just Plug & Play.
· Super Cheat Function.
· Fully Action Replay Cheat Code Compatible engine.
· Supports software restoration function.
· Slow Motion feature for pass any difficult level in any game! No level will resist you now!
· Automatically detect game save file is present, if not it will create one transparently for you.
· Excellent homebrew support, DLDI auto-patcher.
· Robust and skinnable GUI.
· Built-in PassMe for DS and DS Lite.
· Compatible with Moonshell v2 (Mulmedia Tool for Play DPG videos, read TXT files, display Photos and play MP3 and OGG music files!)
· Supports Download Play in DS.
· Supports Rumble Pack, GBA expansion pack & DS Browser (DS and DS Lite only).
· Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment (Only DS Lite and DSi).
· Supports Direct Download!

Main Advantages:
· For your convenience we send each M3i SDHC with the last Core and Firmware INSTALLED!
· No need open your console, so it does not affect the warranty of your machine!
· Supports latest Consoles in the market, even the ones with v1.4 version!
· Works on consoles from all regions: Europeans, Americans, Chineses and Japanseses.
· Supports clean ROM without modifying or patching anything.

Package Contents:
1 x M3i SDHC (2010 Red Edition) Flash cart
1 x USB Reader for microSD/SDHC Cards

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