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Available in REAL stock the world best Nintendo DS, DS Lite y DSi Flash Cart! Its Plug and Play, do not void the warranty of your console and its 100% updatable! Works on all firmware versions, even with the latest consoles of the market with the v1.4 installed! Compatible with all type of ROMs, Homebrew and Multimedia! It has NO rivals and the price is unbeatable!

M3i Zero Flash Cart for Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi by only 18,95 EUR !!

Feature Highlights:

· Compatible with Nintendo DS, DSL and DSi. Absolutely all versions and all models!
· 100% Game Compatibility.
· Direct boot of originals games, import games and security backups.
· Supports Real Time Save function: Save & Restore anytime, anywhere as it was while you saved the game!
· Supports Multi-Language System: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korea and Thai.
· Regular Free updates for enhance the software and firmware of your Flash Cart and support new games or problematic ROMs .
· Supports microSD cards up to 2GB for store games and applicacions!
· Supports also the newest high capacity microSDHC cards of any capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB …
· Extreme simple to use, just Plug & Play.
· Super Cheat Function.
· Fully Action Replay Cheat Code Compatible engine.
· Support reading individual cheat code file too in formats such as XML, CHT, DHT, DAT-R4, ...
· Supports software restoration function.
· Slow Motion feature for pass any difficult level in any game! No level will resist you now!
· Automatically detect game save file is present, if not it will create one transparently for you.
· Excellent homebrew support, DLDI auto-patcher.
· Robust and skinnable GUI.
· Built-in PassMe for DS and DS Lite.
· Latest Moonshell v2.0 integrated.
· Supports Download Play in DS.
· Supports Rumble Pack, GBA expansion pack & DS Browser (DS and DS Lite only).
· Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment.

Principales Ventajas:

· We deliver it with latest firmware build inside!
· No need open your console, so it not void your warranty!
· Supports latest Consoles in the market, even the ones with v1.4 version!
· Works on consoles from all regions: Europeans, Americans, Chineses and Japanseses.

Package Contents:

1 x M3i Zero Flash cart
1 x USB Cable for update the Flash Cart Firmware
1 x Original M3 Team USB microSD/SDHC Card Reader/Writer
1 x Carrycase with space for Flash Cart and microSD

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