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Polar VIMA 01 for Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda [TV / DVD / Video]
Polar VIMA 01 for Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda [TV / DVD / Video]

106,62 EUR
Polar VIMA 01 for Audi, VW, Seat & Skoda [TV / DVD / Video]

DAGi Stylus P501 iPad / Galaxy Tab [125x10mm]
DAGi Stylus P501 iPad / Galaxy Tab [125x10mm]

15,25 EUR
DAGi Stylus P501 iPad / Galaxy Tab [125x10mm]

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TestPoint MSS Box 2 Argon V2 Cable
TestPoint MSS Box 2 Argon V2 Cable

15,00 EUR
9,95 EUR
TestPoint MSS Box 2 Argon V2 Cable

LG 8150 Clip
LG 8150 Clip

79,00 EUR
28,00 EUR
LG 8150 Clip

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Martech Key World launchment !! Only 49 EUR with one FREE Activation of your choice !!
Nov 02, 2009 - 08:30 | 13940 readings.
We are pleased to present in world premiere, a new product available at our online store. This is the Martech Key! It is a USB dongle that gives us the possibility of use all Softwares and Activations from the prestigious Martech Team by a really interesting low cost price... ONLY 49 EUR! And if this were not enough, 1 FREE Activation with every Martech KEY!
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The following Activations can enabled and installed in our Martech Key:

· Activación ALC + ALC2 (Alcatel Phones)
· Activación MDM (USB Data Modems)
· Activación VSZ (Vodafone, Sagem y ZTE)
· Activación SBS (Batteries Service Tools)
· Activación RCD (Radio CDs y Navis)
· Activación DST (Cars and Trucks Mileage)
· Activación SQM (Motorbikes and Quads Mileage)

You can purchase your Martech Key with 1 or more pre-installed activations in your dongle!

Tomorrow or in the future, you can purchase more activations for Martech Key without having to buy another device!

Furthermore, for the 49 EUR you pay for your Martech Key, you can choose any (*) of the Activations detailed in the above list and we will include it COMPLETELY FREE!

(*) - Except for RCD and DST Activations, as these cost twice than the rest of Activations, thats why is not free, but they have a discount that is equal and corresponding to 50% of the cost! So you get the same benefit by choosing the RCD or DST Licenses at the time of purchase.

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- Martech Key (USB Dongle + Activated Card)

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- Activations and Logs » Martech Activations and Licenses
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