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Oct 28, 2009 - 11:10 0 Polar Box 2 23349

Polar Box Team released an UNLIMITED License for the latest Sagem and Vodafone phones (based on LoCosto and Calypso platforms) with latest security!! The unlock procedure is totally safe because nothing is written to the phones, since there is no need of flashing avoiding data losing...

Sagem and Vodafone Unlock Activation by only 41,90 EUR !!

· How to obtain this Activation?

- Make a single payment purchasing the Sagem and Vodafone Activation in our store.
- Within minutes receive confirmation by email that your license has been activated.
- You can now start to enjoy unlocking the latest Sagem and Vodafone handsets with NO LIMIT!

· List of supported models after the Activation Purchase:

- Sagem: My100x
- Sagem: My200c, My202c, My210x, My212x, My214x, My215x
- Sagem: My300c, My300l, My300x, My301x, My302x
- Sagem: My400x, My400v, My400l, My401c, My401ci, My401x, My401v, My401l
- Sagem: My411x, My411xi, My411v, My411cv
- Sagem: My501ci, My501C, My501Ci
- Sagem: My511x, My511xi, MyC5-3, MyE77, MyX5-2V, MyX6-2
- Sagem: My-V56, My-V76, VS4, VS5
- Sagem: SG346i, TCM303
- Vodafone: 411, 526, 527, 533

· Features of the Activation:

- Safe NCK Codes Reading.
- The procedure takes only 3 seconds per handset!
- Flash, Repair, Language Change and Rebuild (included but still under development ...).

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