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RNS 310 Western Europe v8 2016 [1 x 32 Gb SD Card]
RNS 310 Western Europe v8 2016 [1 x 32 Gb SD Card]

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RNS 310 Western Europe v8 2016 [1 x 32 Gb SD Card]

Samsung Download Mode JIG Clip [300k Resistor]
Samsung Download Mode JIG Clip [300k Resistor]

4,95 EUR
Samsung Download Mode JIG Clip [300k Resistor]

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LG 8150 Clip
LG 8150 Clip

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LG 8150 Clip

Profesional Monocular Microscope 20x
Profesional Monocular Microscope 20x

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Profesional Monocular Microscope 20x

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New Firmware v00.06 and Manager v1.0 for Martech Analyzer PB243 released!
Sep 03, 2009 - 10:09 | 13111 readings.
Added new functions and settings for the wonderful and professional Analyzer PB243 Martech device. Also a powerful PC software has been released that allows a complete and total control of the device in a comfortable way from any computer...
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What is new in this update:

- New Firmware V00.06 with following features:

1. Discharge process is optimized.
2. Added Polish language in Analyzer Menu.

- PB243 Analyzer Manager v1.0:

Battery Analyzer Manager new functions description:

- Battery Analyzer Manager added easy database for individual details of batteries and cells.
- Adding field works by typing into Battery Description field and choosing its parameters.
- Removing works by selecting desired field and clicking on "Remove Battery From Database” button.
- Changing parameters and saving them its possible by clicking on "Approve Changes”.

Remember that Martech Analyzer PB243 firmware and software releases are totally free for all device owners.

If you dont have it yet, we invite you to take a look in the below product links because its the best high-end Power Supply and Service Tool for all types of Batteries. Its high performance, quality and price make this 2 in 1 device a must have tool for any electronics and repairing field such as cellphones repairing and servicing, console gamming modding and repairing, digital cameras, etc...

Related product categories with this new:

- Repairing and Tools » Power Supply

Other related news:

- Sep 23, 2009 - 18:37 - New Manager v1.2 for Martech Analyzer PB243 released!
- Sep 02, 2009 - 10:29 - New Firmware v00.05 and Manager v1.0 for Martech Analyzer PB243 released!
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