News New Update: UST Pro 2 Box v9.8.10

Jun 28, 2009 - 19:40 UST Pro 2 Box 20890

What is new in this update: - New supported models for UST Pro 2 Box customers. - New flash files, patched flash files and USB Drivers added to the Official Support Area.

New Update: UST Pro 2 Box v9.8.10

New supported models in this update:

- Added UNLOCK for Softbank 930SC via PATCHED FLASH!
- Added UNLOCK for Softbank 931SC via PATCHED FLASH!

(Patched flash files for 930SC & 931SC available in support area)

- Added full support for Softbank 930SC
- Added full support for Softbank 931SC
- Added full support for E1360B
- Added full support for A766
- Added full support for F406
- Added full support for E2210B
- Added support for MSM7200 flashing.
- Added MSM7200 USB drivers to DRIVER folder.

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