News » LG Qualcomm Tool 1.6.1 update for Z3X Box released!

Aug 25, 2009 - 09:56 0 Z3X Box 33908

Fixed and added LG KU990GO Unlock function for all firmware and versions appeared in the market with new algorithm...

LG Qualcomm Tool 1.6.1 update for Z3X Box released!

· Features of this release:

LG Qualcomm Tool Update 1.6.1

- Fixed Unlock for the new KU990GO cellphones.

For Restore and Repair in a fast way the damaged phones (if you have any), please follow the next easy steps:

1. Press "Unlock" button.
2. Select "New algorithm - restore from backup" and press "Ok" button.
3. Select file: "..LGQRepairFilesku990go_default_for_repair .sec ".
4. Done.

We remember you that all Z3X Box we sell have included the Licenses for Samsung and LG/LG 3G activated, therefore if you purchased the Box from us you will be able to enjoy this update totally unlimited. Without logs and without credits!

Actually Z3X Box is the best world Box for unlock, repair and flash all Samsung, LG 2G and LG 3G handsets without any doubt!

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